Reunited at last

Sorry I have been quiet on here. It’s been a crazy whirlwind week. After skillfully packing for my trip I finally arrived in Winnipeg on Thursday!!

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Home Sweet Home

After 6 weeks of being alone under the worst possible stress, I am finally back home with my family. I won’t be fully home until I am with Luke again, but it is so nice to be with my family and to be able to talk about and process everything.

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Valentines Day

I have never been the kind of girl who wants flowers and chocolates and cards and expensive dinners for Valentines Day. I have always found it to be a ridiculous holiday.

If you love someone you tell them. Every. Single. Day.

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Good Days

With cancer, you take everything day by day. Some days are good and others are bad. Luke has had his (un)fair share of bad days. Despite this, a few days ago he was deemed well enough to be discharged so that he could recover on his own at home. The first twenty-four hours at home it seemed like he was still sick and having a hard time.

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Luke was discharged from the hospital yesterday so he can recover from treatment in the comfort of his own home. I’m glad his doctors find him stable enough for this, because being home will do wonders for him. He has this amazing family who has been so incredibly supportive of both of us. It truly warms my heart. I feel so fortunate that my future in-laws… my future family… is this incredible group of people who rally together when times are tough.

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Lucky to Love You

Luke is the most wonderful human being I have ever met. He makes my life better in so many ways. He listens to me, he makes me laugh, he cheers me up, he supports me, he makes me think, he makes me excited about the future and kids, he makes me truly completely happy.

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Sleep or Lack Thereof

These last couple of weeks I have had the hardest time with sleeping. I feel completely exhausted and yet I’m unable to get to sleep at a normal time. When I try to go to sleep there are no distractions and my mind won’t stop going. I often have mild panic attacks at night and struggle to shut down enough to go to sleep.

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Dealing with Distance

Luke and I met when he was starting his masters program in Boston and I was finishing up my bachelor’s degree in Rhode Island. This was the closest the two of us have ever been. Since then I have been in Maine and he has been in Canada. Distance has always been hard but when you love someone that much, it’s worth it. Currently I am on clinical rotations for pharmacy school that have been taking me all over the country and I am currently in the Washington DC area.

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