Week 1

Luke is such a trooper. This week he has had to undergo whole brain radiation every day, two lumbar punctures with chemo, IV chemo on Monday, and daily oral chemo. And all of this is repeated next week. He is my superhero.

Despite all of these treatments he is happy and smiling and still the positive ray of sunshine I fell in love with four and a half years ago. He has had some headaches and fatigue but overall is doing extremely well.

We are currently waiting on the results from his last bone marrow test to see if he is in remission. The doctors believe he will be but we are all just waiting for the official word. Everyone keep him in your thoughts, positivity goes a long way and I know that we will get good news soon!

While the nature of my trip up here isn’t exactly fun, I am still thankful for the time I get to spend here with my love. He never ceases to amaze me and make me proud by how strong he is.


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