Milkshakes and Updates

Sorry for the lack of updates. It’s been a whirlwind two weeks since Luke was discharged.

Since Luke got home, it’s been a Rollercoaster. At first Luke was feeling really good and able to eat and drink well. I’ve become the queen of making milkshakes with lots of goodness to try and fatten him up! You could say my milkshakes bring Luke the yard (haha). Then he started feeling this pressure in his abdomen. His liver enzymes levels increased dramatically and an ultrasound showed his liver to be tense and enlarged. This caused him to have difficulty with eating and drinking as he feels bloated and there’s a lot of pressure on his stomach. The doctors had him stop one of his medications that can cause this to happen and slowly but surely his liver enzymes have normalized. His stomach is still bloated as his lack of being able to eat normally over the last week have made it so that the fluid in his body is moving into his tissues. We go in every few days to get him some IV fluids to keep him hydrated. We are hoping he starts to feel a lot better soon.

On a positive note, his blood was tested and his cells are officially 100% donor cells! This means that Ben’s stem cells are working hard at producing new cells in Luke’s body! This is fantastic news and we are so happy that Luke is on his way to being cancer free.

Every day we do our best to stay positive and keep fighting. I love this man with all my heart and I know he will soon be on the mend and feeling like himself again.

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