5 Years Loving Luke

Today is the five year anniversary of my first ever date with Luke. I will never forget that date for so many reasons but mostly because of the way I felt. It was my first time meeting Luke in person, but it felt like I had known him for years and I had constant butterflies. He made me feel beautiful, smart, special, and safe.

To this day he still does that and more. He is constantly amazing me. I am so lucky to have this wonderful, smart, kind, loving, goofy, handsome man in my life. He is everything to me.

We have been through more in the last year than what most couples go through in a lifetime. It might have broken some couples, but it has only made us and our relationship stronger. We have such a bright future ahead of us and I can’t wait to see what life has in store for us.

And now for what you’re all still reading for:

Luke is doing so well. After gaining all that water weight they put him on diuretics and he lost all that excess fluid! He now has energy, a great appetite, and we are going for frequent walks to build up his strength and stamina. There is nothing better than seeing him smile.

The only thing left to do is get his platelets up! They are still low which makes it harder for his blood to clot. The doctors are trying a few things to get them to come up. Keep your fingers crossed!

Enjoy a photo of us back in the day when we both had gorgeous hair 😜

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