Life in Winnipeg

Life has been pretty plain for Luke and I while he is recovering from his transplant. Being cooped up in the house all the time with nothing to do gets boring very quickly. We have collectively watched way too much TV and  played a lot of games.

That being said, things are going really well. Luke is feeling well and we are walking when we can (the weather is not always cooperative). His blood counts are on the rise and hopefully will begin to normalize in the coming weeks. His tailbone has been rather sore the last couple of weeks and this may be due to the fact that his body is trying to create these new blood cells so the bone marrow is working overtime to catch up. The doctors say this is all normal and will keep an eye on it.

I am so happy with Luke’s progress. It amazes me  to see how far he has come in the last three months. He went from not being able to eat due to mouth sores, to eating everything in sight! From not having the energy to move, to being able to walk further than me (though that’s not saying much haha). He even got his central line out last week so he is finally free! I no longer feel like his caregiver and more of a partner. We cook together, do chores, and laugh all the time. Seeing him thrive fills me with so much joy.

I’ve been feeling really homesick and lonely lately, as this is my first time being so far away from my family and friends. On top of that, not working while I wait for my citizenship paperwork to come in has me going a little bit stir crazy (I considered making candles for a bit but settled on trying to knit). I just have to keep reminding myself of how much love is in this apartment. I have the the man of my dreams and a fuzzy kitty who knows that a snuggle can cure anything. Trying to stay positive every day can be exhausting, so I have to let myself have those days where I am not happy go lucky, but then I need to pick myself up and keep going.

P.s. Penny is in Love with Luke so enjoy some pictures of their love affair

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