Get your Flu Shot

This is your friendly reminder that it is flu season and you should make sure to get your Flu Shot. It is so important to get vaccinated to help protect not only yourself but those around you.

I got mine today to protect myself, to protect Luke, and to protect everyone else I come into contact with. Because of Luke’s bone marrow transplant he has to get all of his childhood vaccines over again. However, it is not recommended that he himself get the flu shot (and a majority of his other vaccines) until a year post transplant due to his immune compromised state. This is why I made certain to get my flu shot this year (although I haven’t missed a year yet).

I urge everyone who reads this to go out and get their flu shot. Get it to protect yourself, to protect Luke and other cancer patients, to protect babies and the elderly, and to protect those who have weakened immune systems. You never know who might not be able to get it and who you are protecting by getting it yourself. It’s as easy as stopping into any pharmacy!

I got my flu shot, have you gotten yours?

(Ps. I’ll post a Lukey update later on)

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