Oh Canada!

After close to 5 months of waiting, I officially received my Canadian Citizenship Certificate!!!

I am so excited to officially be a dual citizen. While the United States will always be my home, I am building so many new memories in Canada and it is truly starting to feel like home as well. I spent the last four days running all over the place to get all my documents (drivers license, passport, social, banking, and health card- yay universal Healthcare!). Now my next step is to finish getting licensed as a pharmacist and get a job!

I am very fortunate that my mom was born a Canadian citizen as this has made a world of difference for me. This means that I was technically born a Canadian citizen and only needed my proof of citizenship (much easier than going the permanent resident and work visa route).

Who knew that I would one day be living in the country where my mom’s family is from. Every time I see maple cream cookies I am reminded of my Nana, and I already think that Tim Horton’s coffee is better than Dunkin Donuts (Sorry everyone from New England). And while I don’t say “Eh” yet I do apologize when someone bumps into me.

I’m so excited to see what the future holds for me and Luke.

While we had the rental car this weekend we spent some time exploring the Forks. Lots of little shops and ice skating (we will save that for next year) and walking trails. We even got to go on a short horse and carriage ride. I can’t wait to explore more of my new home in 2019!

An update on Luke!

Luke is doing extremely well. While his blood counts still aren’t 100% up to normal they are still holding steady and he is feeling well! He now only has to go in to the doctors for blood work and check ups every two weeks. He is also being weaned off some of his meds so he doesn’t have as high of a pill burden. Soon he will be able to go back to school/work and continue on his way to getting his PhD!

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