2018 – The Year of Ups and Downs

This year has been filled with so many emotions. I can’t even believe all the things that happened in the last 365 days. So here is a summary:

  • Rang in the New Year with Luke just days after getting engaged
  • Flew down to Washington D.C. to start my rotation at the FDA
  • Luke went to the hospital in excruciating pain so I flew there last minute the next day to care for him over the weekend
  • Luke got diagnosed with Cancer
  • I started this blog
  • Completed my rotation at the FDA and saw some awesome sites along the way
  • Flew to Winnipeg to be with Luke during treatment
  • Started getting settled into our new apartment together
  • Found out Luke would need a stem cell transplant
  • Had to fly home for my last rotation of pharmacy school
  • Got my wedding dress and booked a venue (and all the other vendors)
  • Graduated from pharmacy school
  • Passed the Canadian pharmacy exams (written and oral)
  • Packed up my life and made the three day drive to Winnipeg
  • Luke went into the hospital for his transplant
  • Luke’s transplant went smoothly but he experienced so many side effects initially
  • Luke and I got married
  • Luke was discharged from the hospital and started improving greatly
  • We got to spend Canadian Thanksgiving in Calgary with family
  • I started working out which has made me feel so much better about myself
  • I passed my American pharmacy exam (still need to do law)
  • I got to spend some time at home in Massachusetts with my family
  • I received my Canadian citizenship and can now begin looking for work
  • Spent our first Christmas together in our own home
  • Luke is doing extremely well aside from a small rash that is already gone with some steroids
  • Rang in the New Year together

So much of this makes me sad, but the happy moments truly outweigh the bad. I can’t wait for 2019. I truly feel like no matter what happens, we will get through it together. Life isn’t perfect. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, but as long as I have Luke by my side I know that it’ll all be okay.

Here’s to a new year and leaving this one behind us, hoping 2019 is the best year yet (or at least a relatively boring year)

2 thoughts on “2018 – The Year of Ups and Downs

  1. 2019 will be the year of You and Luke. Luke going back to school, You getting a job in Pharmacy which you been working so hard for eight years and renewing your wedding vows in front of your friends and family. Can’t wait to see your accomplishments. Love you both.


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