Getting Back to Normal-ish

I apologize for not posting any updates in the new year, but Luke and I have been keeping busy!

After spending all of 2018 on medical leave Luke is back at work! Having a routine and getting back to what he loves has been so good for him. Getting back to a sense of normalcy has helped us to move forward toward making 2019 our year.

Health wise Luke has also been doing well. He was weaned off of the anti-rejection meds he was on which is great! He has a small flare up of graft versus host disease (in the form of a faint rash) after this, but the doctors aren’t concerned and are taking care of it with prednisone (a steroid). Aside from a minor cold he has been very healthy. If you didn’t know all he had been through, you would think he was just an average Joe!

On my side of the story, 2019 has been interesting. I am still actively searching for jobs as a pharmacist in Winnipeg, but I have also started a career as a health and wellness coach. A large part of the reason I went to pharmacy school was because I wanted to help people. Coaching is a way for me to do this by helping people become the best and healthiest version of themselves.

I am a huge believer in self care. In most of 2018 I was so focused on taking care of Luke and supporting everyone else, that I forgot to care for myself. I’m making 2019 the year that I care for all of the people I love, and that includes myself! I’m workout out more consistently and making healthier choices when eating (most of the time, no one is perfect and progress is progress). I haven’t felt this good in my own skin in years.

Now that January is finally done it’s time to bring on the rest of the year! I have a feeling it’s going to be a good one!

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