An Update on Luke and Why Pets are Perfection

Coming home last night after Luke got admitted was hard. We found out from the MRI yesterday that he has a compression fracture in his lumbar spine and fractures along his pelvis. The pain that he experienced two days ago was likely when his spine compressed. He is fortunate that there is no damage to his spinal cord and he is still able to move his legs and feet. However, he is still unable to move around much without pain so sitting and standing aren’t an option right now.

Unfortunately they do not know why this is happening. They will be fitting him for a back brace soon and running some tests to try and determine what the cause of these issues are. I am glad that he is being taken care of in the hospital. As caregiver it is hard to always be on duty and to feel like you aren’t able to help. I do my best but when Luke is unable to move on his own it is hard on both of us. As difficult as it is to not be with him at home, I am happy that he is being well cared for and supported.

When I got home last night after spending the last 24 hours in the hospital I was exhausted, sad, scared, angry, and worn down. Penny didn’t leave my side the whole night. She snuggled with me on the couch while I watched TV and ate dinner. She sat on my chest while I watched a movie. When I went to bed I slept in the spare room so she would snuggle with me. I fell asleep to her resting her head on my face.

This fuzzy ball of love knows exactly when and where she is needed. While Luke was at home laying in bed and in pain, she was constantly by his side. She would even try to lay on him or nuzzle her head into his sides to be as close as possible. She knew he needed her so she was there.

I know a lot of people think cats are aloof and uncaring but that isn’t the truth at all. Penny is the most loving and caring animal I have ever been around. I wish I could bring her in to visit Luke to give him some fluffy love and support. She chose me almost three years ago because she knew that I needed her just as much as she needed me.

Hugs your pets and loved ones close everyone. Continue to keep us in your thoughts and I will continue to update as we learn more.

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