Brace Yourself ;)

We apologize for not sending out an update sooner. There has been so much going on in the last two weeks and we have been solely focused on taking care of ourselves. Here is what has been going on.

After Luke was admitted to the hospital two weeks ago, they did some scans and found evidence of compression fractures in his lumbar spine, hips, and an old fracture in his thoracic spine. When he was first admitted he was in so much pain that he couldn’t move on his own at all. After being on pain meds for a couple days and a lot of rest they started to help him get moving. They went slowly and started small with having Luke get to a sitting position on the edge of the bed. The next day, we were able to help him get to a sitting position, then stand up, and sit in a chair for a minute or two, then he got back into the bed. After a couple days of this slow movement someone from physical therapy came up and he was able to get up and start walking with the help of a walker. Every day while in the hospital he did a little bit of walking as he is going to need to regain the strength in his legs.

Another new thing is that Luke was fitted for a sexy back brace! This is a hard brace that keeps his posture correct so that the fractures heal properly. Luckily he only needs to wear this when he is up and about, meaning he doesn’t need it while laying down or sleeping. This gives him some added security when moving around that he isn’t going to do more damage.

Unfortunately we still don’t know what is causing these fractures. He had a biopsy done at the end of last week that will hopefully provide more insight into what is going on, but there is no guarantee that it will show anything. Aside from high calcium on admission, everything else has been normal.

Luckily, Luke was able to be discharged on Friday!!! Since he is able to move around independently and his pain is under control he is now able to recover in the comfort of his own home and follow up with his regular doctors. It is so wonderful to have him home again. When he was in the hospital it was hard to balance life. I am currently working my job part time and doing my internship so between those two commitments plus visiting Luke, there was no time to keep up with things at home such as cooking, cleaning, or even relaxing (I even forgot to feed Penny a couple times).

Now that Luke is home I’ve been able to catch up on the cleaning, relax knowing that he is here, and cook us both some much needed tasty dinners (shepherds pie yesterday and garlic butter shrimp pasta tonight). I even baked us some cookies today!

I want to give a huge shout out to our friends Matt and Evelien who have been so supportive and helpful during these tough times. They have not only helped me out with transportation to and from the hospital but also picked me up from work when I have had to work late. They visited Luke while he was in the hospital, and have been such wonderful friends to us. I can’t even begin to thank them for being such amazing people and we feel so fortunate to call them our friends.

While we definitely are far from being back to normal, these moments of normalcy are what gets us through the day. For now we just have to be patient and wait for answers. I promise once we know what is going on we will let all of you know.

We appreciate your love and support during this time. Not having answers is stressful for us and we hope you will be patient with us while we figure this out.

Hedgehog hair
Turtle shell!
Shepherds pie!
Garlic butter parmesean shrimp 😋
Pillow set up until we can get a wedge pillow 😂
Penny is happy to be reunited with her daddy

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