Writing Through the Writers Block

I’ve been wanting to update everyone on Luke for the last couple of weeks, but I have been experiencing a lot of writers block lately. I figure if I just sit down and start typing this, maybe the words will come to me.

As I mentioned during my last update, Luke has a very unusual kind of leukemia relapse. It is affecting the outer layer of the bones as opposed to the marrow inside the bones as is normal in leukemia. Since I updated you last Luke has begun a treatment plan. After a lot of discussion and weighing our options, Luke has started an immune therapy drug called inotuzumab. This drug targets a specific receptor on the cancer cells to kill them. The goal of this treatment is to get Luke back into remission so that he can proceed to a second stem cell transplant.

He had his first dose last week and he gets another dose each week. So far everything has been going well but they are keeping an eye on his liver to make sure there are no issues caused by the treatment. Please keep him in your thoughts and if you pray, pray that he doesn’t develop an liver complications.

While obviously going through all of this absolutely sucks, we are staying positive because that is all we can do. Luke will beat this again. Its going to be a rough road, but Luke is the strongest person I know and we will get through it. Penny has been keeping him company and making sure he feels well loved at all times.

We cannot even begin to thank everyone for their support and love during these hard times. We feel so overwhelmed with gratitude for everything that you guys have been doing for us. Our hearts are so full.

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