Day Two Nothing New

Here I am again writing a post about my day. This is probably going to be short and a bit redundant since there isn’t anything new to tell. It is Victoria Day here in Canada so it’s a long weekend and not much is happening.

Today I woke up just feeling meh. Physically I felt alright but mentally just felt down. There are going to be a lot of days like that I think. I have always struggled with my mental health so going through this all of this is going to be an emotional roller coaster. After some breakfast, a 1 km walk, a nap, and a shower I felt better though.

I’m honestly not sure what to write about today as there isn’t much new to tell until we get more test results back. I’m looking forward to tomorrow and hopefully getting some answers and moving things along. The hardest part right now is just sitting and waiting while trying to stay busy and keep my mind occupied. I have my computer and a TV but I definitely think that is going to get old fast. I’d love some ideas for things to occupy my mind. I do Sudoku already, and I am considering working on some of the CE’s (continuing educations) required for maintaining my pharmacy license.

I’m ending this here for now as I want to do a bit more walking before dinner and I also have nothing else to report. Hopefully, tomorrow’s entry will be a bit more interesting.

Love, LB

I’ll try to start adding a daily photo too if I’m up to it (May 18, 2020)

One thought on “Day Two Nothing New

  1. If you like drawing, you could try doodling with the program inkscape. 🙂 Or write fiction stories (background for dnd characters?). Something I like to do in free time is study bird calls, but that’s because I’m weird haha.

    Your positivity through all this is an inspiration to us ❤ I hope tomorrow goes better and the test results come back soon.

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