Keeping Up

I have definitely begun to start feeling some of the effects of my treatment so that is making my daily posts a bit more difficult.

So far I have had three different chemos IV, one chemo injected directly into my central nervous system, and I’ll be getting another chemotherapy this evening.

Some of the issues I’ve been dealing with include fatigue, some nausea, jaw pain and ear pain, mouth pain, muscle aches, decreased appetite, and weight loss.

The most annoying of all of this is the jaw pain as it seems to affect everything else. I’m fairly certain it is caused by the vincristine as it started the morning after receiving that chemo and can be one of the side effects. The pain is worse when biting or chewing so as you can imagine, eating has become more difficult. Chewing hurts so I’m trying to take small bites and stick to softer foods when possible. The dietician is helping to find a good balance.

The problem with not being able to eat as regularly is that I am losing weight. This has them a bit worried as I am already a small person and have dropped close to ten pounds since coming in here. I am doing my best to keep up with eating but it’s a struggle especially with the jaw pain and my mouth hurting.

The other big side effect I’m feeling is fatigue. I just feel very tired and worn out despite getting a lot of rest. This is hard for me as I’m not used to taking a step back to just rest. Usually I’m always on the go caring for others and taking care of things. Feeling so tired definitely is a big shock for my body.

I’m doing my best to listen to what my body needs. I’m trying to stay hydrated, rest, eat, and I’m still doing laps every day to keep my muscles strong. I’m definitely walking less than when I first came in but even a little bit is helpful. I’ve dealt with pain in my back for most of my life due to minor scoliosis. I’m definitely feeling it now though since I’m less active and not keeping my core muscles as strong so I’m hoping by walking even a bit each day I can help that.

I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who is reaching out and providing support in whatever way they can. It means so much to us and know that we cannot even begin to put into words how thankful we are. We have been doing different interviews the last few days to get our story out there and it is truly humbling the amount of love we are receiving from all over.

Family, friends, colleagues, and perfect strangers thank you for hearing and sharing our story and thank you for doing what you can for us. No small act has gone unnoticed.

Throwback to a classic Winterpeg photo

One thought on “Keeping Up

  1. Stay strong girl, I’ve been following your story for just a week now and I’ve read all your blogs, I don’t know Luke personally but seen him around in highschool and I am thinking and praying for you both


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