East Coast Cravings

The last few days since being in here I’ve been working hard to try and keep my weight up. Overall I can’t complain about the hospital food because honestly any time I don’t have to cook for myself is a treat.

That being said I’ve been having some pretty intense cravings in the last day or so. Unfortunately all of my cravings seem to be for foods that I can only get back home on the east coast.

  1. Crispy chicken wrap with French fries and honey mustard from Friendly’s
  2. Doughnuts from The Holy Donut in Maine
  3. Bar room style pizza, preferably pineapple bacon, but truly any pizza from Spencer’s Pizza
  4. New England style clam chowder especially from Scarlet Oak Tavern
  5. Ben and Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk ice cream or anything from Peaceful Meadows or Heidi’s
  6. Any of my mom’s baking no matter how pretty or not it looks. It is always made with love
  7. A real meatball sub covered in mozzarella cheese top and bottom on a toasted bun

These are all fairly simple cravings but man when you are far away from what you want, it definitely makes you want it more. As a survivor of a long distance relationship I am very familiar with the phrase “absence makes the heart grow fonder” and this holds true for food too!

I couldn’t help myself so I’ve attached a bunch of images of the yummy food I’m craving. Sorry if it gets your mouth watering.

Love, LB

Friendly’s crispy chicken wrap
Assortment of doughnuts from The Holy Donut Maine
Bar room style pizza from Spencer’s aka a slice of heaven
Clam chowder from the Scarlet Oak Tavern
The best Ben and Jerry’s flavour out there
The makings of a delicious cheesy meatball sub

2 thoughts on “East Coast Cravings

  1. I have read your entire blog and I have been so touched by the positivity you both have demonstrated throughout a really difficult journey. I am an American who has been living in Canada for 50 years and there are still some foods from Texas that I miss! Is there anything I can do to help you or your husband? I have a vehicle and can do any errands either of you need and would be so pleased if there was something I could do for both of you. Both my husband and I are retired and have time to do the things that you might need. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me and if there is something from a local restaurant that we could get for you, it would make us very happy to help!


  2. Lindsey, you’ve hit upon SOOO many East coast cravings that I’ve longed for down here in Utah, & YES my mouth is watering…bah room pizza, meatball subs from Marcello’s, New England clam chowdah, Peaceful Meadows ice cream – wicked yum-yummy!
    Have been following your story over past few weeks, & am finding you are such an AMAZING woman! Don’t know you as well as I do your mom(who I’ve known since 2nd grade) or your sister/my goddaughter Kristen. But 1 thing I can tell for sure is that a you are DETERMINED & you will beat this!!! Hang tough & stay as strong as you possibly can :).

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