Chemo Day

I haven’t posted today’s update yet because it’s a chemo day and I figured I’d wait until later. I’ll get started though because I’m bored and killing time

So far today has been a good day. Had a big happy breakfast and no real issues this morning. Minor headache when I woke up but it seems the coffee helped calm it down.

One exciting thing to happen today is that my blood counts are trending downward. My white blood cells are remaining low and my hemoglobin is steadily coming down along with my platelets which were in the 300s a few days ago and are now 160.

This is all to be expected as the chemo needs to wipe out the cancer cells in my bone marrow in order for my marrow to make healthy cells. I’ll likely feel really crappy once all my counts bottom out but for now I’m taking the good days as they come!

I did around 18 lengths of the hallway this afternoon before lunch and I’ll likely go do some more. 24 lengths is 1 km so if I reach that I am a happy camper. I also did a bit of stretching today as my back and joints have been sore from all the sitting around and being in a bed. This felt nice so I am going to try to incorporate it more often.

Anyone have any tips on what kind of exercise or movement is best while in the hospital? I’d love to hear what felt good for others! Feel free to drop a comment.

Lunch was delicious. I added it to my Instagram page where I rate my hospital food. Good old Mac n cheese with broccoli. All it needed was some hot dogs and there you have one of my ultimate comfort foods!

Just had my weekly vincristine! Nothing exciting happens, just a quick drip into my body and it was done. Now we just hope for the rest of the night to go as smooth as the rest of the day.

As always a huge thank you to everyone for all of the support you have been showing us. The kindness of not only those we know but also complete strangers have been reaching out in support of us. It means so much.

We have done so many phone and Skype interviews it’s hard to keep track of everything. Never in a million years did I think that this would be happening let alone that people wold want to tell our story.

When we get asked why we want our story to be shared it’s a tough answer. We want to bring awareness to our situation of course, but it’s such a unique situation that people may wonder what is the point?

For me personally, telling our story helps me to heal and cope with the tremendous amount of bewilderment I feel. Not only that but I want people to see the positivity that we have as a couple going into this. Many people are surprised by how much we smile and laugh despite always being on the losing end of every challenge we seem to get thrown. That is us though. We are trying to radiate light and love and show the world that no matter what life throws our way, we will tackle it. We are strong as. individuals but together I honestly can’t imagine anything we can’t get through.

On that note I am going to use the restroom for the 47th time today and see if I’m up for finishing my walk post chemo before dinner. If not I’ll take a little rest.

Love, LB

Post breakfast hapiness
Morning shenanigans with pill cups
The yummiest lunch yet
My blood counts over the last ten days or so. Today’s counts are highlighted.

2 thoughts on “Chemo Day

  1. I did some light yoga through my treatments. I also made it a point, to have a goal, for every single day. Huge, mediocre or small, to keep my body and my mind in sync.

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  2. I did some light yoga too (and tried meditation as well but admit that was met with limited success…probably should have ‘tried harder‘ to quiet my mind). Or ‘tried’ less and just gone with the flow? May have to give it a go again sometime because there’s a lot to be gained by attaining a peaceful mind.


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