Downward Trend Begins

Sorry for my silence the last day or so. The lows are finally starting to hit and I’ve had a rough day. Some of my meds can make you have to go while others make it harder to go to the restroom. They try to manage with laxatives but it is a balancing act.

This morning the I was finally able to go but not without a lot of pain (I apologize for the TMI but there’s no better way to explain what’s going on) losing all the fluid has messed with my body. They have been giving me fluids all day long to try and get my blood pressure back up but I can’t really stand more than a minute without feeling faint.

So today begins some of the downward trend of good days as my body gets hit by the chemo. I’ve basically been resting in bed all day. It took a while but I was finally able to eat a little toast and Jam and feel more comfortable in bed. The only way to describe it is 100% pure exhaustion. I can barely keep my eyes open even while typing this.

Please bare with me as I navigate these more difficult days. They say that this next week will be one of the harder ones as my counts continue to drop.

Well that’s all for now as typing isn’t the easiest when you keep falling asleep. It’s even hard to stay awake for Kevin Bacon in footloose! One of the greatest movies ever.

6 thoughts on “Downward Trend Begins

  1. Hi Lindsey. I’ve just discovered your blog. I’m thinking of you as you are going through chemo. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for you. Sending much love and positive healthy vibes from Brisbane, Australia. XXX


  2. Sending you much love and above all hope, that the difficult days you experience now will lead to new numbers which indicate that progress, however painfully slow it is, will bring the news you long to hear, that the chemo is working as it should. Stay strong and know that you have many, many new Manitoban friends who care deeply and hold you close to our hearts. Cathy


  3. Hang in there Lindsay! This battle is exhausting but you have the inner strength to bear it. Keep your focus strong and know that all of us are giving you a virtual embrace 🙂


  4. I saw your story on CTV, incomprehensible that you and your husband both have the same type of leukaemia. Prayers sent your way for healing. ❤️🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻
    P.S. Your story makes me want to push my daughter to press on for her own answers(her white blood count has been off for a while now, nothing seems to show up)


  5. Hi Lindsey, I work with your sister Jessica. I am keeping up with your blogs and just want you to know I am thinking of you and your husband. STAY STRONG and kick cancer’s butt!!


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