Little Victories!

This morning started off just as crummy as the last two. Still had issues with with my blood pressure being too low but this evening that all seems a world away this evening.

I was able to eat a decent amount of breakfast and a boost fruit drink to give me a good start to my morning. They also switched a lot of my medications to IV form since I’m dealing with mouth pain. This is always worse in the morning so they gave me some morphine to help with the pain. This definitely helps the manage it and makes me able to eat better, but man does it make me sleepy! I rested on and off all morning. I am definitely not used to all this napping!

Late morning I got a call about receiving disability help as Luke had previously done. This phone call was not exactly what we wanted to hear, and was quite frustrating. We are so incredibly thankful and fortunate for everyone who has been donating to us. It may complicate some aspects of navigating this road, it sure does ease our minds knowing that we are going to be okay and we will get through this with all of your love and support.

In the afternoon I noticed my hair was starting to fall out. This was kind of exciting to me and something I had been looking forward to. I spent a while running my fingers through my hair and collecting a pile of it. The pile kept growing, even through lunch, and I decided to heck with it. Everything is going to be covered in hair so I am going to shave it off!

So my nurse came in with clippers and buzzed it down! It was so freeing. I instantly felt lighter and more at ease. Even though she may not be a hairdresser, just that little change of pace from patient/nurse to hairdresser/client was just what I needed. Just being able to chat freely and laugh made all the difference. It was honestly quite therapeutic for me.

Post haircut I got a much deserved bath and almost cried when they brought me macaroni and cheese for dinner. I love mac n cheese and honestly they do a pretty darn good job here so this was the icing on what has shaped up to be a much better day. I hope I have a good day tomorrow as well because even though I am feeling better today, I still wasn’t well enough to do any walking.

My next treatment is on Thursday so I need to rest and build up my strength for chemo and another lumbar puncture.

Thank you all for listening and following my blog. It really means a lot to know that someone out there is reading this and I have gotten so many positive messages and comments here. It truly lifts the spirit!!

Love, LB

The bun of hair I spent all day pulling out
Before making the decision to shave it off
Mid shave!
Me and my wonderful nurse Abby
Fuzzy coconut head!
New hair who dis?

6 thoughts on “Little Victories!

  1. You look amazing with your new do!! I look forward to reading your blogs! I work nights and I usually get them in the middle of my shift.
    I applaud you for being strong and sharing your life as you go through this!!
    You go girl!!



  2. My 16 year old son has B cell lymphoblastic leukemia and he was told his hair would fall out and he was excited! Started chemo in Nov but his hair didn’t actually fall out till his cycle of high dose methotrexate in Mar and is growing back now. He had it shaved as soon as it started falling out. Get lots of rest, eat when you can! Hope today is better!


  3. I love your beautiful smile and enjoy your writings, it helps me have a better understanding of how you are experiencing this illness & managing your life. Thank you for sharing your story, as I read it my compassion grows and I think of ways I might model your courage with the issues in my life


  4. You really suit this hairstyle, Lindsey! I’m glad it made you feel lighter and more at ease. Best of luck for your next treatment on Thursday! XXX


  5. No more greasy hair now! You look beautiful. Your smile is wow! As a RN I am interested to see things through your eyes and admire my colleagues who are administering their practice body,mind, and spirit

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