Biopsy Day!

Today I had a repeat bone marrow biopsy to determine whether or not the treatment put me into remission .

Well here it is folks . . .

I am in remission!!!

The preliminary results from the biopsy came back showing that I am in remission. While this is such wonderful news, there is still a long way to go.

Now we have to wait for the Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) test to come back. This test looks much more closely at the marrow to see if there is any evidence of the leukemia still hiding in there. This is an important test because it determines the course of treatment next. If it comes back as MRD positive, meaning there is still a detectable amount of leukemia in the marrow, then we start looking at stem cell transplants. This is what happened with Luke. What we are hoping for this time around is the MRD results to come back negative, meaning that there is no detectable disease in the marrow. It will mean a long process of chemo and maintenance therapy would be next.

No matter what happens with the results I know we will get through whatever comes next.

On a not so fun note, one of the chemo medications caused me to develop pancreatitis. Basically my pancreas is angry and inflamed and it has caused a lot of bloating and discomfort the past few days. So to calm it down they are giving me lots of IV fluids so I stay hydrated, and unfortunately I have to fast. This will help my digestive system and pancreas to rest and recover. Hopefully it resolves quickly because I want to eat and I want to be able to go home soon!!!!

That is all I have for now, but I wanted to keep everyone updated on the positive news: REMISSION!

Love, LB

7 thoughts on “Biopsy Day!

  1. That is awesome news and a great word to hear-” remission” Hang in there and hopefully all will resume quickly and you can go home! Keep it up girl!


  2. That is absolutely fantastic news, Lindsey! I’m so happy for you! Sorry to hear you have pancreatitis: hope it passes soon. Best of luck with the MRD results. As you said, no matter what happens, you guys will get through it together. For now though, REMISSION! Woo hoo! Sending you lots of hugs! XXX


  3. Great news🥳 Best of luck with the MRD!
    I’m sorry you have pancreatitis… Keeping both of you in my thoughts🙏


  4. Lindsey, this is great news! I know you still have to wait for the MRD to come back but we’ll take all the positive news as it comes and celebrate. Love that you look so happy! Love You


  5. Fantastic news Lindsay!
    I know how important it is to celebrate the positive whether big or small. My son spent 3 months in and out of GD6 having high dose chemo and stem cell transplants. You are in great hands on that ward. The staff is amazing.

    I’m sending positive healing vibes to you and Luke. You are an amazing couple and I’m so happy you finally got to see each other last week! Hope you get your MRD results soon🤞!

    🤬cancer and 🤬 covid-19!!!


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