An Unexpected Day

Today did not go quite as planned. Doesn’t mean it was all bad though.

So the original plan for today was to get my lumbar puncture and then be discharged. Well I am still here in my hospital room unfortunately. My pancreatitis is going to take more time to heal. I’m on clear fluids only for now to give it some rest. Lots and lots of chicken broth for Lindsey.

Luke came to visit and hold my hand for the lumbar puncture. The process was over so quickly and went smoothly. Then I just had to lay flat for a while. It was nice having Luke here to just watch TV and chat and have company. It brought a feeling of “normalcy” to the day.

Waking up with that pancreatitis pain this morning I knew I wasn’t going to be able to go home today. I was so disappointed. It was comforting to have Luke by my side for a few hours.

Even though I’m not going home today, I did get some great news! My minimal residual disease test came back and I am MRD negative!

There is no detectable leukemia in my bone marrow!!

I was glad Luke was here to hear it because I honestly just went blank. There’s still so much more treatment to come to keep me this way but I am so thankful that my body responded well to the first round of treatment.

My next phase of treatment will be the central nervous system prevention phase. During this I will get brain radiation and lumbar punctures to prevent the leukemia from potentially spreading into my central nervous system.

So while today did not go as expected, I think the good news outweighs the disappointment of spending a couple extra days in the hospital.

Love, LB

4 thoughts on “An Unexpected Day

  1. I so admire your positive outlook in spite of the pancreatitis setback. So happy your loving partner in this journey was able to be with you!


  2. Fantastic news Lindsey!!
    It was great that Luke was able to visit today and even better to share your awesome news in person!!! I admire the love and positivity you both share. I hope your pancreas settles down soon!
    Love today’s photo!!❤️👍


  3. Congratulations on REMISSION!
    What a lovely word to hear!!!
    I well remember those welcome words for me in 2010 in room 44 on GD6!
    Wishing you strength and better health. 🙏🏼


  4. That really is wonderful news, Lindsey! I understand your disappointment at not being able to go home though and hope your pancreatitis settles soon. Such a cute photo of you both! XXX


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