Home is Where my Heart is

I’m HOME! I’m home I’m home I’m home!

I’m so happy to report that they finally set me free! I was in the hospital for about 40 days. That was too long. I love everyone on that floor, and they take such good care their patients so it was a bit bittersweet to say goodbye.

Being home feels amazing though. I already feel like I have more energy. Plus I cried when saying hi to Penny. Zoey is staying at a friends so I’ll have to wait to see her. I

I’m going to keep this short because I’m just enjoying spending time here at home. Thank you all for your support the last month and a half it has truly gotten me through.

Love, LB

5 thoughts on “Home is Where my Heart is

  1. Such awesome news! It’s always wonderful to get home to your familiar surroundings! My son has spent so much time in hospital since October that after he got discharged last week (fever and low ANC) he told me he was so happy to go home but so sad because everyone at the IWK is so nice and takes such good care of him and he misses them. Get lots of rest. Most of all make sure you hydrate! (Sorry, it’s the mom/caregiver in me!)

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  2. Welcome home, Lindsey! That is absolutely fantastic news! Nothing beats sleeping in your own bed again! Love the photos of you guys looking so happy together and your cat is adorable! There’s nothing like kitty kisses to soothe the soul! 😉 XXX

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  3. Those photos brought me such JOY!! I am so happy for you both that your treatment can be scaled back for a while…..being together in your own space is the very best medicine! Don’t try to do to much, too quickly, remember you are still healing. Hugs to you both. Cathy

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