Round 10/10 started… Let’s do this thing!

Today was the first day of my final round of intensification! While I still have a long way to go, this is a big milestone.

This morning my friend Evelien drove me to drop Zoey at daycare before bringing me to my appointment. I get a lot of anxiety before my lumbar punctures and since I was due to get one today I took some anti-anxiety medication to keep me calm. This makes me extra sleepy so I’m thankful I have friends willing to drive me.

Fortunately the lumbar puncture today went very smoothly and there were no issues. He got it on the first try and I barely felt it. This was followed up by my IV chemo that only took a few minutes. Off to a good start. Now I have two weeks of oral chemo, five days of steroids, and weekly methotrexate (MTX). Because I’ve been getting migraines consistently since starting the MTX they decided to decrease my dose by 50% to see if that will help.

Laying flat after my LP. I always take Luke with me to my appointments ashe helps keep me calm even though he isn’t here

On April 1st I’ll be getting a bone marrow biopsy to check the status of my leukemia. I’ll be able to confirm if I am still in remission and they will send a sample off to test for minimal residual disease (MRD). This test looks for any remaining leukemia cells in the marrow that may not show up in standard tests. It can take a couple weeks to get this back so we are doing soon so that we can make sure that we go into maintenance therapy with the best plan.


As long as all goes well I will start maintenance when this round ends in three weeks. This phase is similar to what I’m doing now but at lower doses and should be more tolerable. Unfortunately I’ll have to go through this for the next two years or so, but I’m looking forward to hopefully getting back to a sense of normalcy.

Oh Doughnuts

I treated myself and my friends to some doughnuts today as a thank you for bringing me too and from these appointments and being such wonderful friends. They are even picking up Zoey from daycare for me so I could spend the day resting flat. I’m so thankful to have them in my life.

Love, LB

4 thoughts on “Round 10/10 started… Let’s do this thing!

  1. Keep on !! You’ll make it😊. Glad it’s number 10 for you, and hope the smaller doses are less side effects. Glad for your dedicated friends.

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  2. Hope everything goes well in this round and you can put it behind you. Mat and Evelien are the best. We are so glad they are in your life also. — Love you!

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  3. Good positive vibes being sent your way! My son started maintenance the end of August 2020. He had a bit of a rocky first month but he’s been able to go to school and attend a weekly drama group (thankfully our COVID numbers are very low here in NS). He does the IV chemo, LP with MTX on day 1, 5 days of Prednisone day 1-5, daily 6MP and weekly MTX. Cycles are 84 days. His blood levels have fluctuated and he has been off and on the medication but overall life is pretty well back to normal (pandemic style). He still is very tired at the end of the day (17 years old and in bed by 9 most evenings!). Positive thoughts for your bone marrow results and for a smooth transition to maintenance.

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