You’re going to want to read this!!

Guess what?!


I am over the moon! My doctor called me today to let me know that the minimal residual disease (MRD) test came back sooner than expected and I am still MRD negative. This is such good news and means that I can continue on with maintenance treatment as hoped.

What is just as good is that he’s giving me TWO weeks off before we regroup to start maintenance. I am so pumped to have this time off of chemo and steroids where I will feel like myself for a bit. Time to build up my energy and stamina before this next round of treatment.

Maintenance should be more tolerable. Even though I’ll be getting all of the same medications, it will be at lower doses. This gives me hope for getting back to work and feeling a sense normalcy.

To celebrate I ordered take out from my favorite restaurant in Winnipeg, The Grove. I got a pineapple bacon pizza and a poutine as well as a hard cider. I haven’t had a drink in over a year and since I’m off chemo for a couple weeks I decided to celebrate!

Cheers to good health and finding happiness where you can!

Love, LB

The Prettiest Penny
Puppy Love
The Xavier Pizza
Best poutine in Winnipeg
Delicious cider and first drink in over a year

9 thoughts on “Cheers!

  1. Oh my goodness, Lindsey, I celebrate with you tonight as you enjoy this wonderful news . You are so deserving of a much needed break from your treatments and I hope the weather cooperates. One day before too long, once Covid is scaled back and most of us vaccinated I so hope I can finally meet you in person and perhaps you can journey out this way where the is room for Zoey to run free! We have had our first vaccinations and a follow up one will hopefully come sometime early next month. Today I had a malignant melanoma 1″ diameter mole removed after a biopsy said it had to be done. I have a wonderful surgeon from South Africa who is so very kind and gentle. I hope your enjoy your vacation from treatment and can once again focus on having a cancer free life. I love your updates, especially when they are so uplifting like this one. Please know you are loves from afar. Cathy

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  2. Lindsey, this is the most wonderful news you could give us. May this be the start of a new chapter in your story. Take this day and the next couple of weeks to celebrate then start your next chapter to rebuild your life and remember all the good things that happened and memories of Luke. I know he would be proud of you. Your mom and I certainly are. Love you always. Continue to fight like hell.

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  3. OMG Lindsey I am so excited and relived for you!!! You so deserve a treat for sure I hope it was worth the
    This is such great news and a break as well!!!
    I hope your maintenance treatment treats you well and you are on a path to a more normal life.
    I could not be happier for you- it is high time you deserved some good news!!! Enjoy it all
    All those good vibes and thought from everyone and your amazing fight paid off for you. Your a fighter I always knew that


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  4. Wow Lindsey!! This is just the best news. You must feel so elated and hopeful!!!!! (I remember when I was told my AML was in remission. I jumped up and down and cried with my son and husband.) You’ve had such a hard, terrible year and this news is way overdue. Keep going down this path of recovery!! Go outside and have a walk in the sunshine with your doggies. And definitely eat more poutine and pizza.

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  5. All the poutine and pineapple everything! You have earned it to infinity! So thrilled for you! Love love love!!!!


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