Memory Quilts

One of the things you have to do once you become a widow is to start the process of going through everything that was left behind. Up front are the logistical things such as bank accounts, bills, loans, arrangements, etc. Later it becomes about the physical things. Clothing, shoes, electronics/ gadgets, sentimental gifts, and so many little things you wouldn’t think of.

Going through all of this stuff can be, and has often been, overwhelming at times. Luke touched so many lives and I have wanted to give back to those he cared for in a special way so that they could treasure a unique piece of him forever.

Those who knew Luke knew that his style was a goofy graphic t-shirt and jeans with a sweatshirt. He wasn’t much for getting dressed up and just wanted to be comfortable. As such, he refused to throw anything away, even his stained white undershirts that are now yellow. As annoying as this was, it still made me love him and of course laugh at him.

When he passed I was left with mountains of clothing and no idea what to do with most of it. Do I sell it? Donate it? Give it to friends and family? While his nice outfits are in good condition I just couldn’t imagine his t-shirts going to just anyone. I had seen others use their old tshirts to make blankets from their old clothes from sports or other teams and so I got an idea.

I gathered up all of Luke’s t-shirts and realized that there were so many. In addition to that there were many well loved sweatshirts and pj pants that he lived in. I decided that it would be nice to have these precious pieces of Luke made into a quilt. I had so many though that I realized I could make not one but FIVE quilts out of the tshirts, pj’s, sweatshirts, and button downs that Luke left behind.

I divided up the clothing between myself, Mary, Oscar, Ben, and Madeline and did my best to customize each one for for each person. I found two local women here in Winnipeg that create these memory quilts and I could not be more pleased with the results. They put so much care into each blanket and as an added bonus they have a fuzzy backing. Anyone who knows Luke and the Beldings knows how much we love our fuzzies. I was so happy to be able to gift these beautiful quilts to my second family.

I wrap myself in the coziness every day and if I close my eyes I can feel Luke’s arms wrapped around me even if only for a moment.

Love, LB

3 thoughts on “Memory Quilts

  1. These are extraordinarily special, Lindsey. I am so pleased to know you all are getting Luke hugs in this way. “Cozy quilts = love” is in the Belding DNA.

    Love always from an early contributor to the quirky tee collection, Aunt Jane


  2. How thoughtful you are Lindsey to share these mementos with family…Luke’s love for them will be enhanced by having them close by. You are an incredible person in so many ways! Here we are with another Covid set back…our family is still “clean” for now and being very careful.. We hope you stay well and that the treatments are not as difficult this time around. Much love, Cathy


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