About Me

Lindsey Belding

Pharmacist and Leukemia Warrior

My name is Lindsey and I am almost 29 years old. I have my Bachelors degree in Chemistry and a Doctorate of Pharmacy. I finally started my career as a retail pharmacist in January 2020 and I have been loving having the opportunity to help others better understand their medications and their health. I hope to continue to further grow my my career to better serve my community. I have a sweet adorable cat named Penny who gives me unconditional love, snuggles, and kisses. In March 2020 we rescued an adorable puppy we named Zoey and the challenges of raising a puppy through the chaos of my life are tough but she stole my heart.

I started this blog in January 2018 after my then fiancé Luke was diagnosed with B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Once I graduated I moved to Winnipeg to become Luke’s full time caregiver. In June 2018 he had his first stem cell transplant and on July 13th, 2018 we got married in the hospital sanctuary and I became a cancer wife. I cared for him in good times and then during his first relapse. He required a second stem cell transplant and finally received this in April 2020.

Shortly after, on May 13th, 2020, I was also diagnosed with B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. I went from cancer wife to cancer patient. While my husband was at home recovering from his transplant, I was alone in the hospital fighting for my life. Thanks to COVID-19 it was weeks before I could have Luke visit. Luckily my induction therapy put me into remission and I my subsequent treatment has kept me there.

Unfortunately, Luke had a second relapse at the end of August/ beginning of September. He couldn’t get another transplant and had exhausted the immunotherapy options available to him. There were no clinical trials available so his only option was to try to do more chemo to give him more time. All while dealing with this he was fighting C. Diff, a very uncomfortable gut infection that wouldn’t allow him to keep anything down. He started to improve so they decided to start chemo but his body went downhill fast and his organs began to fail. On September 12th, I spent the entire day holding his hand and the nurses and doctors made sure he was kept comfortable. He passed away that night and I became a cancer widow, changing my whole world.

Our family and friends have been so incredibly supportive of me and I feel lucky to have them in my life. I can’t imagine getting through these last few months without all of the love I have received from everyone. I’m figuring out who I am now and still fighting for my life every day.

I have found that blogging is a great way for me to get my thoughts out there, especially on days that are more difficult. I hope you enjoy following along in my journey of Life, Love, and Leukemia.

Love, LB